Tuesday 19th May 2015


Soprano Christabelle Formosa will be giving a performance at a lunchtime concert at the Oratory of St. Francis in Republic Street, Valletta on the 19th May 2015 at 12:30pm.  The concert will be an interesting fusion of the Czech Antonin Dvoraks Gypsy Songs and the Maltese Charles Camilleris Song Cycle. Ramona Zammit Formosa will accompany on the piano.

Czech composer Antonin Dvorak wrote the song cycle  Opus 55 Gypsy Songs, with text by Czech poet Adolf Heyduk (18351923), celebrating the freedom of Roma (Gypsy) life. The song cycle was written for Gustav Walter, a tenor at Viennas Hofoper (Court Opera; precursor to the Staatsoper).

Each of the seven songs contains a romantic evocation of some aspect of the idealized nomadic life. Perhaps the best known of them is Songs My Mother Taught Me, the vocal part (or melody) of which has been transcribed for various instruments (e.g., cello, violin, piano) to create a purely instrumental piece.

Charles Camilleri was a Maltese internationally acclaimed composer who was inspired by the Mediterranean sounds and culture. His song cycle is highly evocative songs inspired by the Maltese landscape, sounds  and culture.

Soprano Christabelle Formosa, born in 1990, has been studying vocal technique since 2006 at the Gozo School of Music and currently at the Johann Strauss School of Music under the direction of Soprano Miriam Cauchi. She has been singing since a very tender age both as a soloist and also as a chorister at various concert platforms.  In 2010 she was chosen to be part of the choir animating Pope Benedicts visit. Besides taking part in concerts organised by the John Paul II foundation, Christabelle is very much involved in the music activities within her locality Kercem, Gozo.

The baroque Oratory was originally the friars refectory.  Over the years, it had been transformed into an Oratory, hence it is beautifully adorned by magnificent baroque paintings, an elaborate gilded altarpiece and quaint monks benches. The oratory is usually closed to the public and the lunchtime concerts are a wonderful way to visit and enjoy the beautiful chapel.  Presently it is hosting weekly music recitals every Tuesday, providing a platform for some of the best musicians performing on the island. 

The concerts are also fund raising events in aid of the Franciscan Church, which is undergoing restoration. Tickets for the lunchtime concerts, costing 8 euro, can be obtained from the venue itself half an hour before the concert begins. For more details phone 7968 0952 or email: baroccomalta@gmail.




Antonin Dvorak -Op 55- Gypsy Songs

1.       Song of Love Rings Through the Dusk

Mpeň zas mi lkou zn

2.       Hey, Ring Out, My Triangle

Aj! Kterak trojhranec můj přeroz koně zvon

3.       All Round About the Woods are Still

A les je tichkolem kol

4.       Songs My Mother Taught Me

Kdy mne starmatka zpat, zpat učala

5.       Come and Join the Dancing

Struna naladěna, hochu, toč se v kole

6.       The Gypsy Songman

irokruky a irokgatě

7.       Give a Hawk a Fine Cage

Dejte klec jestřu ze zlata ryzo


Piano solos - Ramona

Charles Camilleri - Hames Kanti Poplari

I.        Iz-Zernieq

II.       L-Ghodwa

III.      In-Nhar

IV.      L-Ghabex

V.       Loghba