Flute Extravaganza

Flute Extravaganza

 Flute Extravaganza

The highly-successful weekly lunchtime concert series at the Oratory of St. Francis in Republic Street, Valletta will start another season on Tuesday, 11th October 2016 at 12:30pm for the seventh consecutive year. The regular performances which are on every Tuesday, will be presenting varied performers and musicians, performing sparkling and stimulating classical music.

The well-known flautist Silvio Zammit and accompanist Ramona Zammit Formosa will be performing at the launch of the concerts, an eclectic programme of vivacious and melodious music. The programme features the inspiring Chanson (Suite Antique)  by John Rutter, the melodious Sicilienne  by  M.T. von Paradis and the moving aria The Narcissus composed by James Oswald.  The programme dedicates part of performance to one of Maltas top composers Carmelo Pace whose works have been performed internationally. The duo will be performing Sunshine in the Fields, Rondo and Moonlight in the Fields by this composer. They will also be performing McDowalls Six Pastiches which consists of six movements varying from the vivacious, romantic, dances and also comic ones.

Silvio and Ramona Zammit have been active as a duo for the past 15 years.  They are both Fellows of the London College of Music and teach music in the Johann Strauss School of Music in Valletta.  Particularly due to the versatility of Ramona on the piano, flute and harpsichord, the duo can perform in the different combinations of instruments. 

During 1978-2001, Silvio was a member of the National Orchestra of Malta.  Currently he follows his professional career as a teacher and freelance soloist.  In 1998, the duo won the Lloyd Weber medal for distinction in interpretation. They have performed in various solo and chamber recitals in the U.S.A., Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Portugal, Bulgaria and England.  They have also recorded CDs of Maltese music by Pace and Camilleri. 

In collaboration with Gukulari Ensemble, they have also recorded CDs of 18th and 19th century music.  Several Maltese composers have dedicated works to the duo.  Their extensive repertoire ranges from the baroque to the contemporary.

The venue, the baroque Oratory, was originally the friars refectory.  Over the years, it had been transformed into an oratory, hence it is beautifully adorned by magnificent baroque paintings, an elaborate gilded altarpiece and monks benches. The lunchtime concerts are a wonderful way to visit and enjoy the beautiful chapel. 

The events are fund raising events for the Franciscan Church, which is undergoing extensive structural restoration. Tickets for the lunchtime concerts, costing 8 euro, can be obtained from the venue itself half an hour before the concert begins. For more details phone 7968 0952 or email:



OSWALD        The Narcissus

PARADIS        Sicilienne

C .PACE          Sunshine in the fields(piano solo)

C.PACE           Rondo

Mc DOWALL  Six Pastiches


                                    Romantic song


                                    Comic song


                          Music Hall

C.PACE          Moonlight in the fields(piano solo)

RUTTER          Chanson (Suite Antique)

BROOKS         Some of these days