Captivating Classics

Captivating Classics

Friday 2nd May Captivating Classics

On Friday 2nd May, Akos Kertesz (cello) and Klara Nazaj (violin) will be performing at a recital at the Oratory of St. Francis. The duo will be performing music by the great baroque composers: J.S.Bachs great classics Air and Arioso as well as G.F. Handels La Paix, La Rejouissance and Hornpipe in D. The Hungarian-Italian duo will also be performing thrilling music by Corelli, Pleyel and Dancla.



Corelli                   Sonata 4 opus 4 no.8

J.S.Bach              Air from Suite in D


G.F.Handel           La Paix ,

                            La Rejouissance,

                              Hornpipe in D

Pleyel                   Duetto

Dancla                  Don Giovanni duo