The Music of Vivaldi... and more!

The Music of Vivaldi... and more!


The Music of Vivaldi and more

14th October 2014 at 12:30pm


A violin and cello duo will be performing a programme of an exquisite repertoire of music.  The Italian violinist Klara Nazaj and Hungarian-born Akos Kertesz (cello), a very talented duo,  will be performing music by some of the worlds greatest composers:, Vivaldi, Handel and the greatest Baroque composer, J.S.Bach. 

The programme includes Vivaldis Sonata per violin e basso op.2 no.4 preludio, allemande, sarabanda, corrente and Handels Rejouissance Le Paix; Hornpipe and Bachs Gavotte from the 1st English Suite.  They will also be performing Pleyels Duetto no 2 and Danclas Variations on themes from Don Giovanni.

The lunchtime concert will be held at the oratory of St. Francis, in Republic Street, Valletta.  The baroque Oratory was originally the friars refectory.  Over the years, it had been transformed into an oratory, hence it is beautifully adorned by magnificent baroque paintings, an elaborate gilded altarpiece and monks benches. The oratory is usually closed to the public and the lunchtime concerts are a wonderful way to visit and enjoy the beautiful chapel.  Presently it is hosting weekly music recitals every Tuesday, showcasing some of the best musicians performing on the island. 

The events are also fund raising events for the Franciscan Church, which is undergoing restoration. Tickets for the lunchtime concerts, costing 8 euro, can be obtained from the venue itself half an hour before the concert begins. For more details phone 7968 0952 or email: baroccomalta@gmail.